Wealth Investment Workshop: Lessons From The Pandemic

Mr. Anuj Awasthi, Vice President Operations (VPO) of CGIF participated as panelist in the webinar arranged by Mandiri Prioritas on 24 November 2021 entitled Wealth Investment Workshop: Lessons From The Pandemic. In the said event, CGIF’s profile was presented and its guarantee facility was promoted.

The full recording is viewable on CGIF’s website or on Bank Mandiri’s Youtube page: https://youtu.be/Aad9iIE3sHI

DISCLAIMER: This webinar was hosted by a third party and is not produced by CGIF. CGIF, its management or employees, does not endorse or promote any third party opinions, views, representations by sharing this link for information purposes. CGIF does not own any part of the webinar content and disclaims any liability over the statements made by the speakers.