Annual Report

2023 Annual Report

Championing Quality Growth

Credit Guarantee and Investment Facility, a trust fund of the Asian Development Bank (CGIF), has always made it its mission to advance developmental and sustainable change in the ASEAN+3 region. This year’s theme conveys CGIF’s clear mandate: moving forward—with precision and clear direction—with its commitment to supporting sustainable growth of the local bond markets.

The cover depicts a speeding bullet train that encapsulates CGIF’s dynamic and progressive nature in pursuit of excellence, with emphasis on “quality growth” in both areas of business expansion and risk management. Like the swift but steady movement of a bullet train, while navigating its tracks, CGIF aims to significantly expand its presence in local bond markets while growing its business and maintaining prudent risk management practices. This approach enables CGIF to identify and mitigate risks effectively, safeguarding stakeholders’ interests and further enhancing the bond markets’ confidence in the organization and its guarantee products.

Looking forward, CGIF will continue to follow the same successful strategy from 2023, ensuring quality growth in the coming years. With its capable team, deeper market understanding, and robust pipeline, CGIF is positioned for further success.

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