The Meeting of Contributors is the highest decision-making organ of CGIF. Specific powers of the Meeting of Contributors are stated in the Articles of Agreement of CGIF. The Meeting of Contributors formally meets within five months after the end of each Fiscal Year.

CGIF Contributors Contribution (USD)
People’s Republic of China 342,800,000
Japan 342,800,000
Asian Development Bank 180,000,000
Republic of Korea 171,400,000
Indonesia 30,600,000
Philippines 21,600,000
Singapore 21,600,000
Thailand 21,600,000
Malaysia 17,600,000
Brunei Darussalam 5,600,000
Vietnam 1,900,000
Cambodia 200,000
Lao People’s Democratic Republic 200,000
Republic of the Union of Myanmar 100,000
TOTAL 1,158,000,000