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CGIF’s bond guarantee operation is aimed at
supporting ASEAN+3 companies access the Region’s
bond markets to achieve the following benefits:

  • expand and diversify their sources of debt capital
  • raise funds in matching currencies and tenors
  • transcend country sovereign ceilings for cross-border transactions
  • gain familiarity in new bond markets

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CGIF’s strong claims paying ability
has been recognized by international
and domestic credit rating agencies.

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Latest Press Releases

Safeguards and Integrity

Safeguards Policy and Framework

This Environmental and Social Safeguards Policy (the “Policy”) has been drafted to ensure that CGIF achieves this objective while promoting environmental and social sustainability of the activities financed with the support of CGIF’s guarantees.

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Safeguards — ESDD Documents

ESDD Summary – Hope Education Group Co., Ltd. (“HEG”) MYR Tranche

Country of Operation: Malaysia

Country of Issuance: Malaysia

Sector: Education

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This Integrity Policy (the “Policy”) of Credit Guarantee and Investment Facility (“CGIF”), a trust fund of the Asian Development Bank (“ADB”), addresses integrity issues in the activities of CGIF staff and the guarantees CGIF issues.

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About the SNC issuance

The Credit Guarantee and Investment Facility (“CGIF”) is pleased to announce its support for SNC Former Public Company Limited’s (“SNC”) 5-year THB 1 billion Guaranteed Bond issued on 27 January 2023. A 100% credit-wrapped 5-year bond rated AAA by TRIS Rating was successfully placed with domestic institutional investors at a competitive coupon rate of 3.10%. […]

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